Mountain Brewers Beer Fest 2016

It’s been years since I have been able to make the pilgrimage to Idaho Falls for the Brewers Fedtival. This year my lovely wife, parents, and cousin all piled in the car and drove up.   So many delicious beers. A surplus of IPAs were available, it is certainly the most overbrewed style. The pretzel…

Hops Mecca 2.0

So as part of the master plan for the front yard, I finally got around to building the second hops planter. I’ll be filling the planter with nice rich soil tomorrow, and then keeping it weed free till next spring when I can order rhizomes. I should be able to grow and harvest 16 plants,…

Hops Mecca

Turns out I didn’t kill all the hops!

Bringing my brew to the computer age

I’ve been brewing extract batches, in my in-laws kitchen for years now. I could be brewing at home, but my house’s temperature hasn’t been conductive to proper fermentation.