Hops Mecca

After a dreadful attempt to transplant my four hop plants last year, I thought I had lost all of them… 

My wonderful and amazing wife Jess decided it was ok for me to turn our entire front yard into a garden. She agreed that putting in a couple garden beds for hops, and a pergola for them to climb wasn’t a bad idea, but it did take some convincing when it turned into 16 hops plants and a 12 foot tall pergola. Last year I started the build and moved the 4 plants to the newly built bed, I overwatered them with help from the weather, and thought they were all lost. Turns out 2 of them lived! I have 1 Tettnang and 1 Galena thriving! finishing my hops garden beds this spring to be able to support 16 rhizomes next year. By fall/winter of 2017 I should be able to brew a pleasantly hoppy beer entirely with homegrown hops. Now I just need to figure out what rhizomes to order, any ideas? (I wish mosaic wasn’t patented)


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